Renons police sketch after him and his BFF Charlie are caught harassing innocent young children on Halloween

Renon is a master sales men specializing in meat and various weapons. He is one of Reubens closest business partners, best friend of Charlie Vincent and a prominent merchant in the GEO Adventures

Its all about the $$$$MONEY$$$$

When Renon was young the resident merchants always charged ridiculous amounts of money for there products, "80$ for a hamburger!?!?!?!? DIE!!!!!!!!" From there he realized that his calling was a merchant. Besides this he excelled well in math getting a 107.666 average. Unfortunately he flunked gym, science and art. Even then Renon realized that in this world its the money that really mattered, something that he figured being a merchant granted him well. His first customer and most prominent customer being Charlie Vincent his childhood Best friend.

BFFs with Charlie Vincent forever and forever

Charlie Vincent has long came to Renons aid and Renon returns the favor every time. For instance when Charlie Vincent was about to beat up at least 20 or so innocent young kids on Halloween it was Renon who decided to aid and help him. Charlie Vincent even bought Renon some time when the police came by throwing a dagger. Despite this Renon still ended up getting a sketch by the police being the picture above. They also share a very similar hobby: making fan fictions.

Big things come in small packages, SMALL!!!!!!!

One day as Renon is in his office daydreaming about fan fictions a man of extremely SMALL stature came in. His name was Reuben. Reuben is a multi billionaire who's looking to help expand Renons business while getting some profits for himself. Renon being dirt poor accepts and watches his business expand under Reuben iron but still short fist. Despite this Reuben was still popular because Reuben had a tendency to throw money at people in the building. From there Reuben turned to be one of Renons most valuable business partners.

Beef against Vegetarians

As everyone on this planet should know Renons specializes in selling roast beef and other meats when it comes to his food products as a result he tends to discourage vegetarians in fact he even called in Charlie Vincent once to beat up some vegetarians by saying they were goblins. Charlie Vincent did pretty good sending 3 men to the hospital at the cost of having his arm broke by them. Renon nursed Charlie Vincent back to health with roast beef after said battle.