Manfroy is the leader of a semi established and somewhat respected local cult. Manfroy as a immigrant from Sicily is apparently capable of speaking Italian which, based on his daughter is legitimate standard Italian. Besides that, Manfroy is apparently a master with chemistry.

Byzantine Street Arc Edit

Manfroy was apparently born in Sicily and was a very accomplished man academically before immigrating to the US(Which he proudly suggests could have only happened through his genius and education) Manfroy first met Deadfish when he came to his house with Manfroys grandaughter. Manfroy abhorred Deadfishes silly and dumb general attitude ultimately asking Deadfish to join the cult he leads if he wants an respect from him. Deadfish is initially indecisive over the idea of joining a cult for a potential love interest; Deadfishes indecisiveness is broke though by Manfroys grandaughter herself who wistfully desired Deadfish to join the cult. Deadfish accepts to Manfroys uncharacteristic cheering.

Deadfish goes on Manfroys designated day. In a ostensibly generic area of worship. As he goes in he is met by a figure of above average height and a lean figure who calls himself, "Sammy D" though Deadfish apparently convinced Sammy to let him call Sammy Sandima. When Deadfish was out the meeting he described the cult as, "animistic in nature but focusing on one particular entity in a monotheistic style." Deadfish was actually somewhat unnerved over what he saw and later left.

Manfroy was not satisfied with Deadfishes departure and followed Deadfish to Byzantine Street. While he lost Deadfish in the crowd, Manfroy apparently did enjoy trolling some of Byzantine Streets inhabitants who he cackled at and derided as, "Simple minded fools." Manfroy would come to enjoy his time at Byaznine Street even making a personal peace treaty with Deadfish just so he could come and troll people there with his Lopto Magic. Afterwards its implied Deadfish would see Manfroys grandaughter less and less.

Physical Appearance Edit

Manfroy has a slightly tanned appearance and has a very sharp nose. Manfroy also has a fairly short statue and likes to wear oriental clothing. One of Manfroys most notorious aspects of his fashion though is his cane which he uses to smack people he thinks are no match for his intellect, genius, wit and in more pressing situations, Lopto Magic. Manfroy is implied to be very old but the actual extent of his aging is not severe. Manfroy also has eyebrows that are either really hard to see or not there and has dark brown eyes. Manfroy also has decidly rancid breath.

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