<hero description="Ciao, this is the GEOAdventure Wikia. This Wikia is designed to chronicle the GEOAdventures and various other adventures orbiting it. Other peoples adventures are also welcome to be posted on here too. Besides that I want to give a big congratulations to Anthony Catalano for winning the Conservative, Democrat, Independence and Reform party nominations"

  • The Traitor Mattie Boi, begging for mercy for his treachery to the Italian causeGo to Mattie Boi
  • A drawing of Pasquale Monotoli done by a fellow GEOAdventurerGo to Pasquale Monotoli
  • Bossman A+ the coolest daddy-0 all in T-high. Women love him, men want to be him.Go to Bossman A+
  • A drawing of Icepick done by one of the other GEOAdventurersGo to Icepick

Welcome all to the GEO adventures and all that is involved with it.

The GEOAdventure Wikia is a expansive place for the GEOAdventures and everything that orbits it. As a result many GEOAdventure concepts are incorporated in the GEOAdventure Wikia. For instance, some articles are written in the GEOAdventure Adventure Cipher-language: Freegian Standard and the older dialect that was initially the standard language: Dozelian. In addition, articles may have a extraneous or eccentric topic to match the eccentric character of most GEOAdventurers. Besides that. most pictures of the GEOAdventurers on the GEOAdventurer Wikia are drawn to emphasize their personal goal to live lives comparable to that of works of fiction.

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