Madame Chen owns a popular restaurant/ nail salon/ Brothel.

Madame MEAN

Madame Chen was a Chinese women of noble birth who used her money to open up a restaurant. It was expensive and the portions were small; only made up by its fancy atmosphere. But Madame Chen realized the moneys more in the sex business so she opened up a secret brothel that she would bring her richest customers in. The first people in this wretched business were her children Shannon and Conan who would later be bought out of this position by Reuben even then the brothel still gained many young bodies since Madame Chen opened a Nail salon with she would kidnap the girls from.

Meet up With GEO and company

One day Reuben with his vast amounts of wealth takes GEO and Deadfish to Madame Chens Restaurant. Until they see the brothel themselves through Reuben's help they record this mess but only after beating Madame Chens security who figured them out. From there they realized Madame Chens Human trafficking empire was enormous and they were glad to put a stop to this misdeed


After the police found out she was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Silently Reuben's old right hand man and ex Conan and Shannon respectively were celebrating. While Madame Chen rotted in a nice warm cell. This would be the fall of Madame Chens empire


Madame Chen is notoriously greedy; on top of that she is shrewd and manipulative being a very clever woman. She's generally cold to victims of her brothels though outside of there she comes out as a extraverted flirt and as a loving patron. Besides that she tends to be very superstitious and very often sticks to her Chinese origins via its culture