For Community Day Niantic made the worst decision they ever made in Pokemon GO by giving Tyranitar Smack Down.

Adventure Week Edit

On Adventure Week Niantic decided to dedicate another event to the rare pokemon known as the fossil pokemon. Ordinarily getting a fossil pokemon are pretty cool pokemon to use in battling but nowadays they all suffer the same problem: THEY DONT HAVE DOUBLE ROCK MOVESETS. Now it was known that smack down was available in Pokemon GO prior to the event. It would have been a respectable move for Niantic to finally realize what would have made the fossil pokemon cool by giving them smack down as a fast move. Kabutops, Aerodactyl and non legacy Omastar all have rock type charge moves but no rock type quick moves to give them the highly coveted status as stab rock type attackers. Golem had been a team mainstay for so long because of this niche and non legacy Omaster was one of the most coveted pokemon in the game because of this status. However Niantic made the biggest mistake of their lives though by giving it to the one pokemon that did not need a rock type quick move Tyranitar TBD