Fuse, also known as Loptyr is indirectly the main antagonist of the GEOAdventures.

Origins Edit

Little is mentioned of Fuse but it is implied that Fuse was originally an entity of primordial evil that was destroyed by various heroes and their ancestors. The reason Fuse is not called Loptyr is because Fuse survived all of these encounters by Fusing himself with a person who was overcome with as much and the most evil emotion a person can have. When the action happens, the host gets Major Loptyr Blood and immediate access to Loptyr which can either prematurely start or completely secure Loptyrs fusion with the host.

In the GEOAdventures Edit

For being a villain with this level of strength and gravity, he is mentioned very little, only making a prominent appearance towards the end of the GEOAdventures. Davy, after being under the inadvertent influence of the Song of Evil is brought up all of the scourges of his life currently getting the better of him. Davy is overcome with anger and promises to defeat them all. It is at this point that Loptyr found its host. Fusing with Davy, Davy becomes Ultra Davy. Loptyrs power is juxtaposed with Davys Naga based Super Davy power. When the two Holy Weapons for these Holy Bloods combine, it forms the Chaos Blast. The Chaos Blast would be the signature weapon of Ultra Davy.

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