This is an episode in the GEOAdventures.

Plot Edit

GEO and MO are watching a documentary. In the documentary a charming leader whos only desire is to save his country is executed by egregious and barbaric rebels. The man is then hanged on a hook and his corpse harassed by the barbarians. GEO, on one hand, is completely outraged by the barbaric traitors in the documentary. As GEO watches the documentary he gets a vision of Memnons death and feels a sense of despair understanding that he may be fighting a losing battle. After class he meets MO by the classroom exit to discuss this. MO shares similar sentiment with GEO but is unprepared for the spectacular vision GEO suggests he will go through for his battle. Nonetheless before the conversation can go on any longer, they had to get class. in GEOs next class he is still visibly distraught over the documentary earlier. GEOs loyal GEO Crew members Adrian and Nickie boy try cheering GEO up and ask him whats wrong. GEO explains the documentary he watched. Mattie Boi turns to GEO and overzealously declares GEO a dictator that must be stopped. GEO is in no emotion to fight him but before this could happen Davy walks in and recruits Mattie Boi. Mattie Boi walks out of class with Davy to the flabbergasted suprise of the GEO Crew and bent out of shape GEO. GEO promises that he will destroy the traitors that ever plague his cause to a newly rallied GEO Crew. Meanwhile Mattie Boi is in Davys new subterranean bunker lair in Wolf Pond where Davy bestows on Mattie Boi a new weapon: DOUCHEBLAST. A special burning chemical designed by Davy to celebrate Mattie Bois new role as Davys apprentice. On the next day GEO confronts the treacherous Mattie Boi in class revitalized compared to his previous encounter. GEO mercilessly sneers at Mattie Bois lack of athletic prowess and his now paling face. Adrian and Nickie boi are excited but Bove is visibly hesitant. Before GEO can attack Davy comes out of nowhere to interfere. Adrian and Nickie Boi hold back Davy giving GEO time to recover and defeat Mattie Boi. . GEOs brute force manhandles Mattie Boi whos high pitched nasal voice begs for health. GEO however does not let him get away and uses Mjolnir to finish him off. Mattie Boi is on the floor in defeat and Davy is now scared away with the help of a Bove. GEO offers Mattie Boi a place back into the GEO Crew if he swears his loyalty to the House Freege cause. Mattie Boi takes a moment to ponder the offer but instead of answering runs off and then voices that he will defeat GEO someday. GEO and the GEO Crew are disheartened with Mattie Bois treachery but nonetheless celebrate their victory at Burger King.