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This was just like the crowd at Byzantine Street on that day.

This is the first episode of the GEO adventure series.


GEO is invited to a big smash tournament hosted by one of his friends Deadfish. The reward is 5 billion dollars so GEO rushs there before everyone else invited. Deadfish reveals that it was a scam to get more people to come to his parties and that he needs GEOs help him out of this. So GEO agrees to reject the reward if he wins. In a matter of 10 minutes many of the others come in and the tournament begins. GEOs first opponent is Fabio the Magician. GEO won easily since Fabio is a weakling with weakling attacks. Then he faces off against Ignatius and wins by smashing his frail body in. Then his first real challenge Atlante the wizard; Fabio's master. GEO at first struggles against Atlantes vicious spells but he gets the right item in the form of l'super advanced crossbow and wins. Then his second to last opponent is Charlie Vincent who spammed projectiles but GEOs projectiles proved stronger and he won. His final opponent is the emperor of Wolf Pond, GEO then plans a trick for a guaranteed victory but instead wins by beating him in a game of mercy. GEO then proclaims the reward is the honor of victory meaning Deadfish successfully got away with paying 5 billion dollars.

Characters in the episode.Edit

GEO, Reuben, Deadfish, Ignatius, the King, Atlante the Wizard, Charlie Vincent, Renon, Fabio the magician, John Mcguirk, Giuseppe Oro, Gwonam, Gannon, |)4(\) (the man), and Madame Chen.