This is the 19th Episode of the GEO Adventures


One of the most appetizing sights in the world.

Plot Edit

GEO is laughing it up with his loyal GEO Crew at the most gourmet restaurant-hangout around: BK. While GEO and his loyal GEO Crew may be having the time of their lives, Davy is walking right around BK thinking of his next sinister scheme to defeat GEO. Davy at that point sees through the window GEO and his loyal GEO Crew having a good time in BK. Davy then sees a pending sanitation grade on the BK window. Within moments Davy brings out his creepiest smile as he comes up with his most insidious plan yet......On the next day, Davy infests BK with rats causing BK to fail its sanitation test which Davy timed just right with bribes. Davy never having enough then hides in the bushes to watch GEO and Crews reaction to this horrifying development. Within moments Davy hears a painful roar from GEO obviously not happy over what happened before Davy can hide his head in the bushes GEO gets a brief glimpse of a laughing Davy in the bushes. Before Davy can even breathe GEO smashes Davy into the wall realizing whos really behind BKs closing. The only thing between Davy and a full body cast is Bove and GEOs portly informant Brian holding GEO back. Davy seizing the chance for more laughs taunts GEO once more by reminding him he wont see his precious BK ever again. At that point GEO breaks through his pin and shreds Davy like old copy paper as Adrian and Nickie Boi laugh. With no where else to go the GEO and Crew go to Pasquales Spaghetti Palace. Mattie Boi watching a distraught GEO suggests they visit Wendys. While blasphemy to GEOs ears it helps him come up with a plan. GEO eyeing his portly informant Brian asks him who the heath inspector was for BKs test is. GEOs told that a Mr Renon a old friend of GEOs from Byzantine Street did the review. GEO through connections and bribes reflects the bad health grade at Wendys. On the next day, Davy in a full body cast goes to Wendys hoping for some relief from his pain finds its closed due to poor sanitation. Meanwhile a very relieved GEO and GEO Crew eat like Kings in BK marking another victory for the GEO Crew on the battle ground of BK