This is the 18th episode in the GEO Adventures.


The Evil Davy is perplexed and agitated once more from his next loss against GEO. Eventually the Dastardly Davy realizes that maybe if a human can't beat GEO maybe a robot can. Davy near immediately gets his allies The Left to make him a robot that will destroy GEO. GEOs laughing his head off on the way to Bossman A+s class to find Davys ugly mug standing there crossing his arms like he's the big man he's not. GEO, happy to see his, "friend" Davy, says a BIG, LOUD: DAVY!!!! Davy not deterred by GEOs welcome lets out a big drunk laugh and says, "Uehehe times up Georgie boi" GEO casually replies to Davys farfetched claims by saying, "Nice hunk of junk you got there Davy, is it your science project or something?" Before Davy can even get the robot to sic GEO, GEO steals Davys remote control and tells him to fetch it as he throws it out the window. GEO makes it in to Bossman A+s class to the cheers of his loyal GEO Crew: The Loyal Duo Adrian and Nickie boi, the dependable Bove, the local tech genius Mattie boi and GEOs portly informant Brian. Within a few moments the desperate and exhausted Davy makes it back to Bossman A+s class with his remote control now tied to his arm. Davy then sics Robo Davy onto GEO. At first Robo Davy is getting the upper hand on GEO but after hearing his loyal GEO Crew cheering for GEO, GEO realizes the one thing he has that Robo Davy will never get: his personality. As Robo Davy attacks GEO, GEO without a moments notice shields himself with the Omniboard and counters back with the very weapon he shielded himself with. Robo Davy then shoots a laser at GEO that GEO dodges. GEO seeing a opportunity reflects the laser at Robo Davy with his mirror, badly stunning and damaging Robo Davy. GEO ready to end the conflict takes out his Holy Weapon: The Holy Mjölnir only usable by those with Major Tordo Holy Blood and throws it into Robo Davy, short circuiting and electrifying Robo Davy which soundly defeats Robo Davy. Davy seeing that he overstayed his welcome runs out of Bossman A+s class terrified. GEO seeing a self destruct switch on Robo Davy decides to have one last laugh for the day and presses it. GEO throws the self destructing Robo Davy at Davys direction making it back to Bossman A+s class before hearing a BOOM!!!! GEO and his loyal GEO Crew then hear a second BOOM!!!! Presumably from the remote control for Robo Davy. GEO and his loyal GEO Crew then end the day laughing it up at BK after they're next victory against the Evil Davy.