Look what you done bossman a+

GEOs reaction to Bossman A+ vetoing all his ideas.

GEO and The GEO Crew are about to hand Bossman A+ they're next masterpiece project courtesy of GEO. As Bossman A+: The foremost mind in film and TV production in T-High, reads it he is both positively perplexed and narrowly entertained by the project GEO made. Bossman A+ despite GEOs overwhelmingly boisterous reassurances surprisingly vetos it. At that point the long jealous "4 eyes" Mattie Boi sees his chance to chip away at GEO who is not deterred by the veto. GEO at that point gathered up his army of episode options from his wiki base. A day later GEO has his episodes ready and as Bossman A sees it he is firmly flabbergasted with the ramblings of GEOs modern life expressed by these episodes and vetos them yet again. GEO is undoubtedly heartbroken as Mattie boi and the traitorous half of The GEO Crew remind GEO that if he doesn't come up with a idea which works by the end of the drafting that they will take over the ideas. GEO proclaims with much vigor, "I am the man with the plan" and goes off to make a episode that-ll really knock the socks off of Bossman A+. The next day GEO comes in as fast as he can to present to Bossman A+ his last resort episode. Mattie Boi makes it in moments later after GEO does that. Bossman A+ is pleasently suprised reading the episode finding it "strangely familiar" as if it just happened and gives GEO his blessings to make it. Mattie Boi is distraught until GEO asks Mattie Boi, "Whats your idea" as if something just popped in Mattie Bois mind, "None........" GEO ends the day in BK happily reflecting on his newly approved idea.

The life of Bossman A+

Bossman A+s reaction to reading GEOs episodes.