This is the 15th episode in the GEO Adventures


Mattie Boi 2

Mattie Boi begging for mercy.

GEO arrives to TV Introduction class tattered and scarred. GEOs loyal GEO Crew try cheering him up to find out through Brians epic informant skills that GEO was reminded of the cruel fate of his only hero. Mattie Boi then decides that he will be going on the dark side. The DASTARDLY DAVY!!!! mysteriously materializes out of thin air and tells GEO his Fascist ways wont get him anywere as him and Mattie Boi dissipate into Davys insidious lair deep within Wolf Pond. On the next day Bossman A+ puts the now fractured GEO Crew on a IMPORTANT MISSION!!!! to interview the Green Club. GEO, Adrian and Nickie boi fill the halls with obnoxious laughter as they walk to the class with the rest of the sadly now fractured GEO crew. Bove is starting to doubt whether he should stay in the GEO Crew but stays for the time through GEOs boisterous reassurances. They make theyre way there to find DAVY and Mattie boi now reclassed and armed with one of DAVYS DIABOLICAL weapons: DOUCHEBLAST!!!! This however fails as GEOs powerful Major Tordo Holy Weapon swiftly overwhelms Doucheblast as Brian, Adrian and Nickie boi scare off DAVY. Mattie boi realizing he lost tries running away but Bove corners Mattie boi and says, "HERES THE TRAITOR!!!! YOUR MAJESTY!!!!" The desperate Mattie boi replies, "Please your OMNIPOTENCE, HAVE MERCY!!!!" GEO sensing an opportunity says, "TILL YOU SCRUB ALL THE FLOORS IN TOTTENVILLE, THEN WE CAN TALK ABOUT MERCY. TAKE HIM AWAY!!!!" Bove with renewed confidence in the GEO Crew and the GEO Adventures says strongly, "YES, MY LIEGE!!!!" After scrubbing all the floors in Tottenville and making a oath to support Fascism Mattie boi is welcomed into the GEO Crew once again. They end the day in BK where Brians informant skills net them a SWEET discount which GEO uses to stuff his brains out in BK.