This is one of the most important laws in the GEO Adventurers for its effects.

Poor ReubenEdit

Defense Regulation 18B was a order |)4(\) made to coup d'état Reuben. This order was followed by the overwhelming majority in Wolf Pond and Reuben had no chance of keeping things in his favor. Reuben lost everything from the order including his friends, GF, a large portion of his wealth and Wolf Pond itself.


 |)4(\) was a very popular general working under the very unpopular leader Reuben at that point. One day some people in the crowd suggested he deserved Reuben's throne, |)4(\) realized that this move would help the people and Wolf Pond itself and began the plans. |)4(\) made a well connected network of powerful men in Wolf Pond to spread this too and it was very successful. Soon the day came and the moment |)4(\) announced Defense Regulation 18B it was all over now for Reuben and with that |)4(\) became the emperor of Wolf Pond.