Brian gets a portrait too.

Brian is GEOs wonderful informant. He's best known for his extensive knowledge on amiibos.

L'super Advanced Informant at your serviceEdit

GEO consistently pays Brian "Top Dollar" for information generally about amiibos. Brian has the distinction of having a 100% success rate. GEO uses his information to great effect for his adventures. Deadfish, Reuben and other characters consistently benefit from this information too.

General-Commander BrianEdit

Brian besides being a "L'super Advanced Informant" he's also innately durable being able to take blow by blow if he wanted too so clearly he's awesome. Generally(no pun intended to the title) GEO meets Brian in TV introduction which is where Brian gets paid "Top Dollar" and GEO gets the information its also where they meet another faithful friend of there's Mike Bove. They make a fine group in the class to boot too.
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