Brandon was one of Reubens subordinates and a low ranking antagonist in the GEOAdventurers.

In the Deadfish Adventurers Edit

Brandon appeared semi frequently in the Deadfish Adventures as a often available subordinate for Reuben to throw into the fray when he pleases. He studies under Dr. Nora regarding cryogenics. Despite advertising himself as a really strong bruiser, Brandon mostly fights with Wind Magic.

In the GEOAdventures Edit

Brandon has largely a similar role in the GEOAdventures as a frequently available member who gets thrown into various battles. Brandons mentor is made clear in this as Dr. Nora supplies Brandon with various items as to defeat the GEOAdventurers when he is summoned to face them.

Personality Edit

Brandon likes to act very threatening but is usually just interpreted as being really annoying by those he faces. Brandon is often very cold to those he talks to on what he perceives as being on a equal or lower level and only looks up to his superiors in Wolf Pond. Brandon is shown to be extremely submissive to the few people he considers higher then himself. It is shown that Brandon admires not only his mentor Dr. Nora but Dr. Hauptman too going to extreme lengths to help Dr. Hauptman battle the GEOAdventurers when they were defending the Crystal Palace.

Physical Traits Edit

Brandon has black hair, short to average height, glasses and pale skin. Despite Brandon emphasizing his strength and being really aggressive, hes very weak when left to fight on his physical strength alone. Brandon may wear glasses on certain occasions.

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