This is him

Adrian is an important member of the GEO Crew and therefore a somewhat important character in the GEOAdventures.

Say Cheese

He has led GEO into many adventures like the time he tried taking a picture of GEO. This doesn't work out as GEO narrowly escapes the pictures. He is very interested in the concept of wikis and repetitive naming. He also hangs out with GEOs boys like Bove, Brian and Mattie Boi.


Adrian, along with Nickie Boi is among the more LOYAL members of the GEO Crew. Adrian frequently asks for Holy Blood blissfully unaware that for the most part, its largely genetic. Adrian also has a strong emphasis on his stats which he sees as a way to justify being called extremely strong as what GEO does with the GEO Crew. Adrian and Nickie Boi will frequently challenge GEO to ridiculous stunts to prove his Holy Blood that GEO does to no avail.

Physical Traits

Adrian is a lean and slightly tall figure with a Mediterranean tan. He has light brown hair and also enjoys driving.


He loves it when GEO says his name twice and loves, "cheking out da wikey". He also is very interested in the Adventures GEOs dad had. He also tried interviewing GEO once to varying results. He is proudly from Montenegro and eventually finds out that the etymology of Montenegro is from Venetian not Italian. Adrian is frequently amused by the lifestyle of GEO and his general eccentricity. In fact, its generally argued that GEOs eccentricity is what historically glued the GEO Crew

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